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Update on OSU's Aircraft Tracking System and SAFECON
Posted Mon Jun 26, 2006 11:24 am EDT

Updates from OSU Airport Manager for External Relations Cathy Ferrarri.

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Aircraft Tracking System

On June 12, Columbus City Council passed the ordinance supporting the tower agreement between OSU
Airport and the City. This action was much quicker than we anticipated, so we began talking with
Rannoch about scheduling the installation. Because of the July 4th holiday and previous commitments
by the contractor, we have tentatively scheduled installation for the week beginning July 10. We are
hopeful that we will have the State of Ohio¯s agreement by then, so that all sensors can be mounted
that week.

While we would all like to be optimistic that the system will be up and running the following week,
we recognize that there can still be stumbling blocks, such as inclement weather and coordination
with the phone company in order for us to receive the data. In addition, we will need a few days for
staff training.


There was some confusion (and perhaps optimistic enthusiasm) on the part of the Air Traffic
Controller who wrote in the June newsletter that OSU Airport would be hosting the national SAFECON
competition among the top collegiate flight students again next year. SAFECON had asked OSU Airport
to host it in 2007, however OSU had not made a final decision to do so at the time the newsletter
column appeared. After evaluating a number of airport considerations, including the Airport¯s
schedule to repave the south taxiway next year, Airport staff support needed for SAFECON, and noise
concerns expressed by some neighbors, OSU has turned down SAFECON¯s request to host the national
competition next year.

With regards to the Regional Competition, there are six colleges from Ohio and Michigan that
compete. Four of the schools, including OSU, have the facilities to host the competition, so it
generally rotates every four years. We have not hosted the competition since 2002, so it is our turn
to host the regionals. The competition will take place Oct. 9 through 14. This will be a much
smaller event that then nationals ¯ fewer teams, fewer planes, shorter practice sessions. The
University¯s continued participation in SAFECON plays an important role in maintaining our status of
having one of the top Aviation programs in the country.

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