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Update on WOOSE Aircraft Complaint System
Posted Fri Jun 30, 2006 9:32 pm EDT

Happy 4th of July and we wish to thank area residents for taking time
to log aircraft complaints. The information and observations
residents have provided has enabled WOOSE to better understand the
noise impacts of aircraft operations on our community.

Your use of the WOOSE noise complaint system has helped us begin to
identify some of the aircraft as well as the operational activities
that generate noise problems for area residents. We urge you and and
your neighbors to continue to log your concerns about aircraft at

We wanted to provide you with a quick overview of what has been
determined by reviewing complaints submitted to the WOOSE site. We
have found:

1) On average 1 complaint in received for every 10 operations.

2) WOOSE receives significantly more complaints from residents east of
OSU Airport.

3) Complaints have helped identified Stage 2 jet operations as
problematic. These operations generate significantly more complaints
than the average -- sometimes more than 10 per take off or landing.

4) Complaints appear to cluster in morning hours from about 7AM
to just after 9AM, and again from 11PM to 1AM. It has been suggested
these times may correlate with business aircraft leaving in the
morning and returning at the end of the day.

5) Night complaints helped us determine aircraft were doing "U" turns,
meaning the aircraft was arriving and departing in the same
direction. This procedure gave some neighborhoods a second dose of
aircraft noise in the early morning hours, potentially disrupting
sleep even more.

6) Residents have identified disruptive jet noise to include engine
noise while aircraft are on the ground preparing to depart (engine
noise) as well as stopping (reverse thrusters).

OSU is scheduled to begin operation of their noise complaint system
sometime in July. We will update you as more information becomes

Again, thank you all for your concern and contributions.

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