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woose.org: News - Volume 2 of "WOOSE Report on the Ohio State University Airport" Released.

Volume 2 of "WOOSE Report on the Ohio State University Airport" Released.
Posted Wed Jul 5, 2006 5:16 am EDT

July 5, 2006

WOOSE is pleased to announce the second volume of their ¯WOOSE Report on the Ohio State University
Airport.¯ This report considers the implications of OSU's plans for the Don Scott Field Area
surrounding the airport. Findings of the report include:

* Don Scott Field properties have lost $6.8 million in market value over three years, some
properties losing more than 30% of their value.

* The University has operating leases through the year 3000. The longest known lease held by any
other state university is 40 years.

* OSU Airport, one of the busiest in the state, has operated without an approved business plan since
it went public in 1959.

* Existing OSU plans demonstrate a failure to adequately consider community impacts, including
suggestions for flex/warehouse north of the airport and plans for ¯the implementation of an
aggressive airport business development strategy.¯

* OSU's attempts to use FAA funding to acquire the former Ohio National Guard hangar (now home to
MedFlight and others) may violate U.S. law.

* OSU may have violated government accounting standards by not disclosing its relationship with
MedFlight, including interest-free loans OSU has provided to MedFlight.

* The FAA has found OSU in violation of 20% of Federal Airport Improvement Grant regulations. These
violations may prove costly to the State of Ohio and in particular ODOT.

* OSU's failure to plan and coordinate with neighbors has caused communities surrounding the airport
to waste significant amounts of time and resources second-guessing what OSU might do.

Both volume 1 and 2 of the report are available on-line at http://www.woose.org and will be
available at the Old Worthington, Northwest, and Dublin libraries.

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