WOOSE Report on the Ohio State University Airport

The Ohio State University has announced plans to expand their Don Scott Field airport. Concerns from local citizens over the airport's transition into a corporate jet gateway as well as existing noise problems led to these reports.

Volume 2 Supplement: Implications of the Don Scott Field Plans, September 2006


On July 5th WOOSE released a 52 page report on the implications of OSU's plans for the Don Scott Field Area surrounding their airport. University representatives have called the report inaccurate and misleading.

After being challenged to back their criticism of the report, OSU has issued a two page response.

While we appreciate that OSU's response acknowledged some of the report's recommendations, overall we found their response to be incomplete and in some cases inaccurate.

Therefore, we have published this supplement to our July report containing OSU's response and our comments to clarify or amplify the issues originally raised.

While the noise issues at the airport are important, they the are not the only issues worthy of consideration. There are larger issues of land use and management that should be of interest to all Ohio taxpayers, not just those concerned about the airport or development of the land surrounding it.

Volume 2: Implications of the Don Scott Field Plans, July 2006


Report Errata

This report is a follow up to the February 2005 report (below) and considers the implications of OSU's plans for the Don Scott Field Area surrounding the airport. Findings of this report include:

Volume 1: February 2005


Report Errata

This report covers nearly every aspect of current airport operations as well as the impact an expanded airport will have on local communities. Among the reports major findings are:

Report Availability

Both volumes of the report may be downloaded from the links above. To read the report on-line you will need to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Copies are also available at Ready Reference desk in the following libraries:

Please contact info@woose.org with any questions or comments you have concerning this report.

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